All about car insurance renewal

When it comes to car insurance renewal you may find that clients in a particular car insurance company are applying for insurance renewal, and what does this really mean? A car insurance renewal for example is the period of time when that particular policy remains in effect without the auto insurance company adjusting the existing rate.

Even though this is the case, it does not necessarily mean that it is a law that should never be twisted. It can happen though not common for the policy rate you purchased to change.

The truth of the matter is that whenever you are done with that policy period, this rate should not change any more. It can only change if you decide to change the existing terms and conditions. One is always sent a declaration letter to affirm this,and you can decide to renew car insurance if you wish so.

When to decide on insurance renewal policy

The day your policy started is the probable day you should apply for car insurance renewal. This therefore directly implies that it can be placed any time of the year so long as you wish so.

The length of time in which the car insurance policy has been in effect will also decide on the likely date for any car insurance renewal.

Example of Insurance Renewal Policy Plans


Most car insurance renewal will remain locked for at least a year.

Semi Annual

This is applicable after every half of a year i.e. after six (6) months is when you can renew.

How is Renewal Declaration Done

This information is often send by post or electronic mails to clients prior to the exact policy date. This is usually in advance of between 40 to 45 days to avoid any delays. This mail will constitute a declaration letter and other important information about the policy. It will also come with an evidence of new insurance.

In most cases, before the renewal date has been reached, this letter will have already been sent. The mail basically shows the policy holder how to renew that car insurance. The exact details contained in the mail include;

  • What the policy cover and its prices
  • Information about the insured car
  • The driver(s) of that particular car
  • Any other chosen option
  • Factual information about your past driving data

This information should be ascertained carefully as it is upon this that the cover basis will be derived. If it happens that any information whether important or not is missing in this renewal invitation letter, you should not hesitate to inform your car insurance company.

This is mandatory so as to have correct information before the deadline elapses. This is also the right time when you should make intended changes to your policy cover. It can include deducting some covers or adding others.

Another intuitive way to take care of car insurance renewal is to do it automatically. You can sign up to have it renewed every time that day arrives. The deductibles would be made through your credit or debit card.

This is a fabulous idea as you don't have to worry about being accidentally uninsured. The choice is upon you to select one that is convenient to you.