General car insurance and what to consider.

There are now several ways of purchasing auto insurance. You could buy online from a company like general car insurance or even purchase it over the phone using an 800 number.

Although there are several car insurance companies that claim to sell cheap auto insurance and give you exceptional service when you make a claim, you must be enlightened to effectively choose the most suitable offer.

Auto insurance is not a commodity and to help you to select a good insurance company and policy, here are some very important facts you must know:

Do research before you buy

A quick search for insurance companies will reveal hundreds of insurers who are ready to offer you quick car insurance quotes and low rates. But it is better to do a little research and shop around before you settle for a particular company like the general car insurance.

Read reviews from existing clients. Look for rating guides that provide rates and profiles of different car insurance companies. Then you should make a few phone calls to get a firsthand experience of their customer service.

Make several inquiries

Before you decide on a particular auto insurance company, make sure you take time to ask as many questions as possible. You shouldn't be in a hurry. Asking a couple of relevant questions can reveal variations in policies and discounts that can significantly reduce your insurance premium.

For example, you should ask about the lowest possible price the insurer can offer you. Find out about their cancellation rules because some companies may cancel your policy if you get a certain number of tickets. But some other companies like general car insurance are more lenient.

Also ask about the extra features that differentiates their service from others. For instance, some companies provide a 24 hour claim service, others will offer a discount if you use theft-prevention devices and so on.

Use one insurer for several services where possible

Once you have chosen the most suitable company, you should use them for all your vehicles/drivers as well as other kinds of insurance. Reputable car insurance companies offer appreciable discounts on multi-vehicle policies. They also have the capacity to give you a multi-policy discount if you use them for your home insurance and other types of insurance.

Consider the state of your vehicle

If your car is getting really worn out and you are considering buying a new one soon, you could decide to forego collision or comprehensive coverage. This is because it may not be cost effective to repair your car if an accident occurs. In such cases, liability coverage will be sufficient. This will save you a lot of money over time.

Beware of the cost of teen drivers

Most auto insurance companies will encourage you to insure all your teenage drivers. But recent research has shown that teen drivers can raise your premiums significantly.

If you desire cheap auto insurance, minimize the number of teenage drivers that you include in your insurance coverage. If you must include a teenage driver, make sure the person has had his or her driver training and has not been given any tickets.

Those are some of the important factors you should consider when you are planning to buy auto insurance.

Review them again and bear them in mind so you can get the most suitable car insurance company and policy for your vehicle.