All you need to know about temporary car insurance.

What is temporary car insurance? Just like the name suggests, this is an insurance package that covers the car for a short period.

Temporary car insurance can be valid for any duration between one day and six months depending on the requirements of the person taking the cover.

This covers in most cases favor people who have rented a car for a short period, or those who need an extra car for some time, say when the kids are home from college for the holidays.

A temporary car insurance cover is important for a number of reasons, top on the list being that it enables the user to be compliant with the law and avoid a situation where one has to pay a hefty fine or get the driving license revoked for driving a car that is not insured.

Temp car insurance also ensures that in case of an accident, one can claim compensation or have all emergency hospital bills taken care of.

How temporary car insurance works

Temporary auto insurance packages differ depending on the duration that a certain driver wants to use it, as long as the duration is shorter than six months, and the company offering the cover.

The premiums are collected every month with different insurance companies having different insurance quotes ranging from cheap and affordable ones, to the expensive ones.

Most companies offering cheap auto insurance will in most cases also have cheap temporary auto insurance while the expensive companies will have expensively priced insurance covers, whether temporary or otherwise.

Just like standard auto insurance packages, the temporary auto insurance covers;

  • Any damage to the vehicle that results after an accident, fire or as a result of vandalism.
  • Third party claims on the property and injury.
  • Emergency treatment costs.

How to acquire temporary car insurance

The process is pretty easy and can be completed either online, or by visiting the auto insurance offices. One is required to fill a questionnaire during the process, and in turn, one gets to know how much the cover will cost depending on the duration of cover and the company offering the cover.

For one to acquire this type of cover, one has to be eligible, and eligibility here means that one must be at least 21 years and have a clean driving license. Other requirements vary depending on the company, and the laws governing auto insurance in the state.

To get the best rates, one needs to look at what different companies have to offer, and select the company offering the best package that is well within the budgeted amount.

Why Temporary car Insurance?

Temporary insurance is useful in more ways than one and, therefore, necessary in different situations.

Apart from the fact that one is in compliance with the law, temporary auto insurance gives the car owners peace of mind knowing that their car is well covered against damages and other third party claims that would seriously dent one's wallet if something like an accident was to happen, and the car in question was not insured.