The Third Party Car Insurance

If you own a car, you are quite certain that you will buy an insurance that will take care of that asset and you. Finding that perfect insurance cover that is friendly to your budget and cover is the problem. You need to keenly shop around for the most attractive auto insurance companies.

People are also choosing to buy third party car insurance instead of the other alternatives. What is a 3rd party car insurance then?

This is an auto insurance cover that will certainly cover for the injuries and other damages that have occurred to passengers and drivers in other cars. This insurance is only applicable when the holder of that insurance plan is held responsible for that particular accident or collision.

In case anything is taken to court, this 3rd party insurance cover will also cater for that.

What exactly does third party car insurance cover?

Most car insurance companies if not all will offer the same compensation but not limited to this. The injury or damage caused to the policy holder shall not whatsoever be covered by a third party car insurance. In this scenario there exist other insurance policies which the car owner would have taken for him/her and the car. This insurance only covers the 3rd parties i.e. passengers, driver and properties on the other end. It is the sole insurance cover that will take care of other people and properties but not of the policy's holder.

What level of cover does third party car insurance pertains ?

  • The damage you have inflicted on another person's car.
  • The damage you have inflicted on another person's properties other than car.
  • The damage you have inflicted on another person's car.
  • The damage someone else has inflicted to your car and that person was not insured so long as you were not the cause. This cover can be up to a maximum of $5,000 depending on car insurance company.
  • Liability cover.

You can always get a 3rd party car insurance quotes depending on whether you need a basic or intermediate cover.

The intermediate cover can also include insurance against fire and theft. All in all, this type of insurance is meant to cushion both the policy holder and the other person against unintended liabilities.

You may wonder why every car owner should not take a comprehensive coverage plan that will cater for any unprecedented liability.

The main reason is that people drive all modes of vehicles, some are old while most are new. It is obviously expensive to insure an old car that is not worth it. That is where this specific type of insurance comes in handy at such a time.

The other great thing about this type of insurance is that it is the most affordable to almost any type of drivers. If you plan to buy this plan, you should be aware of what it covers to avoid future complains and denials. In the US, depending on the state you are and also your car insurance company, the terms of this type of insurance may vary but simply slightly. Try and find cheap insurance quotes from reputable companies.